Kudosz Giveaway Winners

Is Kudosz a legit e-commerce site?
Yes — Kudosz Gift Baskets is a legitimate e-commerce website, and we offer prizes that real people actually win! Winners are notified by email shortly after the end of each giveaway. Please allow several weeks after the closing of a giveaway for the winner to be publicly announced. Kudosz will announce the winner’s name on social media and the winner may comment publicly. You do not need to have a social media account to see who the recent winners are, as they are listed below. 🙂

Great Gift Baskets by Joe Kudosz

Since 2008, Kudosz Gift Baskets has been all about putting a smile on your face. Gift baskets are not only fun, but they are also a great way to say thanks, or I’m thinking about you, or good luck, or maybe just I’m here for you. Kudosz engages people shopping for gift baskets by creating fun, easy ways to discover great gift ideas. With unique gift baskets available for every personality, it’s easy to find the perfect gift from our carefully selected merchants. Kudosz Gift Baskets possibilities are endless! When you give someone a gift basket, you’re sure to put a smile on their face.

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