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You Asked — We Listened
The biggest request we had from our customers was to make our giveaways even easier to enter. We are now making good on that ask by providing the ability to login to your Kudosz account and having all giveaway entry forms pre-filled with your entry information. All of your previous entries are still valid. So, here’s to having even more fun while you find your perfect gift today! 🙂

Great Gift Baskets by Joe Kudosz

Since 2008, Kudosz Gift Baskets has been all about putting a smile on your face. Gift baskets are all about fun, and they are a great way to say thanks, or I’m thinking about you, or good luck, or maybe just I’m here for you. Kudosz engages people shopping for gift baskets by creating fun, easy ways to discover great gift ideas. With unique gift baskets available for every personality, it’s easy to find the perfect gift from our carefully selected merchants. Kudosz Gift Baskets possibilities are limitless! When you give someone a gift basket, you’re sure to put a smile on their face.