Tea Time Gift Tower



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Lemon and tea are the perfect combination, and we have created the perfect gift basket to celebrate this delicious pairing! Inside this beautiful gift box, you will discover a sampler box of 6 assorted tea bags of pure and delicious teas like English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Darjeeling, and Earl Grey. We paired the teas with the most delicious lemony treats. The citrusy flavor of lemon complements the taste of tea, providing a refreshing twist. Lemon’s acidity can help balance the sweetness of tea, especially when milk and sugar have been added, creating a more balanced and flavorful taste. Your gift recipient will enjoy sipping tea and snacking on lemon cooler cookies, lemon wafer cookies, and lemon drops. We have included delicious vegan granola bark made with wholesome ingredients in small batches by Granolachik. Cheers to delicious and refreshing tea!