Sour Ale Sampler Gift Box



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Sour Ale is becoming increasingly popular and widely available in craft breweries. Its unique tart and tangy taste profile has made it a favorite among beer enthusiasts. Even non-beer drinkers have been drawn to its fruity flavor. Our Sour Ale Sampler gift is perfect for experienced and new sour ale drinkers. It includes a range of old favorites and exciting new tastes that are sure to delight. Additionally, sour ales are often brewed with lactobacillus, a probiotic that can improve gut health. With lower alcohol content and less filling than traditional beers, this unique brew is a popular choice for all kinds of beer drinkers. We’ve also included some delicious gourmet snacks that pair perfectly with the ales, like cheese, sausage, and water crackers. Send this enjoyable assortment to your favorite beer drink today.