Sangria and Wine Gift



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Celebrate unforgettable moments this holiday season with our Sangria and Wine Gift – the perfect choice for sending cheer to those over 21! The Ski Season Sangria mixer adds a delightful twist to active winter days, combining winter-inspired flavors of orange, cranberry, spices, red wine, and ginger ale for a refreshing and spectacular beverage. We’ve included a perfect red wine with notes of cherry and vanilla, excellent for creating a luscious Sangria. For an added kick, feel free to add rum or brandy! Alongside this mixer, we’ve included a delicious selection of gourmet snacks complementing the Sangria, creating a delightful spread to savor and enjoy. To help get the festivities started, we suggest using this incredible classic sangria recipe from Wood Stove Kitchen. Just mix a bottle of red wine with half a cup of sangria mix, stir vigorously, and serve over ice cubes. For a sparkling touch, add seltzer or lemon-lime soda; for a sweeter taste, simply add a little more mixer. It’s a gift that promises happy moments and fantastic flavors- order now to toast to joyous occasions!