Healthy Hydration For Mom Gift Basket



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Let’s face it, Moms are busy multitaskers who take care of everyone, so it’s no surprise when they forget they need to take care of themselves too. That’s why we created this Healthy Hydration For Mom Gift Basket. Everything is included in this care package to make it easy for your mom to enjoy a few drinks and snacks post-workout, errand running, or even when she just needs to kick back and relax. Keeping hydrated is easy with this gift because it includes two fruit-flavored San Pellegrino sparkling drinks and a juice mixer. We’ve even included four fresh citrus fruits, two Whoa! Dough bars and Keto mix (pumpkin & sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds & walnuts) for all-natural energy. This a great gift for moms who live a healthier lifestyle or want to start snacking healthy!