Fresh Charcuterie Gift



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Looking to indulge in the art of charcuterie? Look no further than our Fresh Charcuterie Gift! Carefully selected to offer the ultimate charcuterie experience, this ensemble includes everything you need for a perfect charcuterie board. We’ve got you covered, from crisp apples and creamy brie to robust cheddar, savory sausage, and flavored olives. The gift even comes with a Beautiful Boards Charcuterie Guidebook to help you create a stunning presentation. And, for a little something extra, we’ve included mini breadsticks, an assortment of specialty crackers, and delicious cinnamon-glazed and snickerdoodle-glazed almonds. For those with a sweet tooth, dip almost anything in the included salted caramel sauce. Packaged in a water hyacinth tray with handles, this collection is an ideal gift for yourself, friends, and family. Charcuterie is a timeless delight, and this ensemble ensures that it’s not just a trend but a memorable and delicious experience.* Dishes not included