Riedel Wine Decanter – Paloma Wine Decanter


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Derived from the Spanish word for dove, impress any wine lover with this long and delicate Riedel crystal decanter. Wine is poured from the bottle into the large opening, let rest until its mineral content fully decants, and then is poured into the glass from the narrower curved neck. The Paloma’s curvilinear design ensures a stable handhold for smooth pouring, and its elliptical mouth prevents any dripping. Perfect to adorn any mantel top or wine cabinet, show your rarefied taste with its graceful curvature and elegant presentation. Gift Includes: One Riedel Paloma Crystal Decanter. Features: The Riedel glass dynasty is built on the creative energies of over 25 generations of expert glassmakers. Since 1756 in Bohemia, their legacy continues right to the present day with customers worldwide and an unassailable reputation for top-flight glassware. Mouth-blown lead crystal for an exquisite sparkle and long-lasting durability. Drip-free pour spout. Wide opening to easily transfer wine from the bottle to the decanter. Secure packaging. Measures 23-5/8” long. Holds up to 72 oz, 2129 ml.

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