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A totally unique gift for him, the Pasta Craft Crate is filled with everything you need to make your own pasta at home. In a world where mass batches of pasta are hung out to dry by machines, the Pasta Craft Crate takes a stand for authentic, artisanal pasta in every home. La Resistenza di Pasta. Pasta was once a great Sicilian art form celebrating and sustaining Italian heritage for hundreds of years. Today, the closest pasta comes to art is in macaroni necklaces and creepy linguini effigies of scorned ex-lovers. The hand-rolled artisan starches of old have been replaced with commercial conveyor belts and massive machine molds. Hundreds of tons of flour a day are pounded, pressed, packaged, and imprisoned on grocery shelves without even the slightest caress of human contact. The Pasta Craft Crate declares freedom to gluten everywhere with masterful tools and techniques for rolling and shaping fresh pasta at home. Carb Your Enthusiasm. Jenn LouisÍ Pasta By Hand: A Collection of ItalyÍs Regional Hand-Shaped Pasta is the radical manifesto of the homemade pasta movement. With shaping lessons, not-too-long history blurbs, and over 65 recipes from shells to sauces, Pasta By Hand incorporates authentic Italian techniques and fancy Italian words for delicious, crafted cuisine. Mezzetta’s Truffle, Porcini & Cream Marina beckons forth the seasoning of Southern Italy, and PassioneÍs Semolina Flour is the godfather of authentic Italian flavor, ideal for formation and flavor. Free the Gluten! WeÍre sick of gluten being treated like a second-class storage protein. The custom-designed cooking apron is the banner of the Flour Revolution, demanding all starches be freed from their shackles and suspicions. Said revolution is armed with kitchen artillery for forming pasta pieces with flavor and flair; a potato ricer, chop-scrape blade, and gnocchi board to groove pieces for storing sauce.

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