Baketivity Whoopee Pie Kit



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Craving classic Whoopee Pies? The nostalgic chocolate and creamy treats are back with more than just whoopie pies! Baketivity makes it easy and fun to bond with kids in an informal way that is mess-free with the most delicious results. A super tasty and creative gift for budding bakers who love baking (and eating!) yummy treats. An all-in-one Baketivity kit, you get a complete baking experience without having to search through recipes, shopping, or measuring. Baketivity includes clear recipes, pre-measured ingredients, plus extra learning and fun. This one of a kind baking gift will keep kids busy in the kitchen plus they will have great memories from a day of happy baking. What’s better than Whoopee Pies, a fantastic learning experience and a fun game to finish it off! Easy Baking, Recipes Book, Enjoyable Learning and Shopping List in every Baketivity Box. One kid’s Baking Kit makes 8 Whoopee Pies.n

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