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One Awesome Vodka Sampler Gift Basket A Great Gift for Any Vodka Lover We have one simple philosophy around here-everything is better with vodka. So The Vodka Sampler Gift Basket was made with guys like us in mind. Bloody Mary’s in the morning…Moscow mules in the afternoon…vodka martinis at midnight…we could drink vodka all day long. And sometimes we do. But our vodka gift baskets aren’t like those other vodka gifts you see. Because those other ones don’t include Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Chopin. Plus, our gifts for vodka lovers include more than just booze-they’re packed full of snacks, mixers, and reusable items that he’ll have long after the bottles are gone. Bottles, Mixers, and Snacks to Keep you Going All Night In addition to six 50ml bottles of vodka, this BroBasket is full of drinks and snacks. Two cones of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn and two bags of Snyder’s pretzels will encourage him to get some food in his belly before he starts mixing cocktails or downing shots. We added in a can of Sprite, included a BroBasket rocks glass, and packed it all inside a reusable tin that he can use to hold his next batch of liquor bottles (but he’ll have to buy those for himself). Get Ready To Party You know as soon as the weekend rolls around you’re going to want to toss back a few drinks. So what are your options? You could go into a liquor store and have to make the hard decision of which bottle to buy. Or, you could snag one of our vodka gift sets, have your pick of three different varieties, and never even have to leave the house. We’re definitely opting for choice number two. The best thing about a vodka variety gift set from BroBasket is that the party comes right to your door. Learn something new “,,,58087,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,228338,Bloody Mary BroBox,,54.00,,,,,1,1,”One Cool Bloody marry gift set This awesome little bloody marry gift set features some of the best ingredients to make one tasty bloody marry. The Demitri’s bloody marry seasoning is one of the best around for a reason (just add tomato juice), Tito’s vodka is so smooth it may be dangerous to drink, and Tomolives make the perfect garnish to any bloody marry with its pickled green tomatoy goodness. A Bloody Marry gift basket with a kick Whats the kick you ask? Put enough vodka in that bloody marry and it is sure to give you a kick! No but really, this bloody marry gift basket offers some top notch items with no fluff so those lovers of all things bloody marry will be impressed the second they crack that box open and see all that goodness inside. Not like those other Bloody Marry gifts There is one key ingredient that virtually all bloody marry gifts out there are lacking, the booze! And with a booze like Tito’s vodka in this bloody marry gift you are sure to impress the hell out of who ever you decide deserves something this cool. So next time you want to send the bloody marry lovers in your life something they will really enjoy, send them a BroBox™!

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