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Argggg…It’s Fun to Feel Like a Pirate drinking some Sailor Jerry Some guys love beer. Some guys prefer bourbon. But guys like us love rum. Boy, do we love rum. Maybe it channels our inner child-you know, the one who dressed up like a pirate every year for Halloween? Maybe it’s the taste. Or maybe it’s the fact that it makes us feel like we’re in the Caribbean. The Perfect Storm Gift Set The Perfect Storm gift set is designed to conjure all those feelings and then some. With a bottle of Sailor Jerry’s rum and Fever-Tree ginger beer for mixing, this BroBasket gift set is designed for the guy who wants the perfect… Perfect Storm. A Gift Set with Lots of Extras Listen up, landlubbers: in case you’ve never heard of a “dark and stormy,” it’s an awesome cocktail with ginger beer and dark rum poured over ice and garnished with lime. You can drink it in a glass, but these days, we’re enjoying most of our cocktails in a copper mug, so this gift set includes one of our 15-oz copper mugs (a damn cool gift on its own). Don’t Forget the Grub! And in case the pirate getting this gift set doesn’t have fresh limes in the fridge, we’ve added in two of those as well. We even included dinner-a cone of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn-and it’s all packed into a reusable BroBasket tin that he can use when the rum is gone. Who Exactly is Sailor Jerry? We never miss an opportunity to talk about Sailor Jerry-the man that this amazing rum pays tribute to. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is one of the great American tattoo artists of the 20th century. Known for his nautical art of stars, anchors, and pin-up girls, Sailor Jerry has left his mark on the world in more ways than one. All hail Sailor Jerry and his amazing gift set! Raise a Toast to Sailor Jerry! Celebrate your next special occasion with Sailor Jerry and a rum gift set like no other!

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