The Mighty Mule



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All Hail the Mighty Grey Goose Mule There are gift packages that catch the eye, like the Moscow mule gift basket or the Kentucky gift set. But, if you want to make an impact, you have to go BIG. While booze and rum in a mule gift sound good, you want the wow factor to make some noise. It’s time to send a BroBasket that says “hello” in all the ways that make sense. What’s it called? The Mighty Mule. The Best Mule Drinks in One Package We’ve never met a mule we didn’t like, so we’ve decided to take things up a notch and give all the mules a little love. We’ve packed this gift set with everything you need to make a mountain of mules whenever you want. A bottle of Grey Goose vodka. A bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon. A bottle of Dos Maderas rum. Does it get any better than this? Maybe? Nah. Pour Your Grey Goose Vodka into a Copper Mug Is it just us, or does everything taste better in a copper mug? This BroBasket has the liquor, two branded copper mugs, two bottles of Fever-Tree ginger beer (a must-have for mixing the perfect mule), and two fresh limes. So it’s more than just a Grey Goose gift; it’s gifting with purpose. All the Best Freebies to Complement Your Drinks What can top opening gifts and everything is right there waiting to be mixed? With two mugs, it’s only fair to share. It doesn’t stop there-add coasters and three cones of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn to get things started right. Liquor, laughter, snacks, and food-give the perfect gift anyone can receive. The Mighty Mule is all things impressive yet not too fancy; just the perfect treat for your guy. The Corporate Moscow Mule Grey Goose Gift Basket Plus, Mugs and Accessories They Can Reuse! You can’t go wrong when choosing Grey Goose gifts. Think of all the occasions you can give them. You can give them a “thank you” after a contract signing, welcome gifts for a conference, congratulations to a team member for closing the deal… the list goes on. The one constant thing is its excellent packaging and selections done right. You can repurpose that reusable crate into something that complements the rustic edge. Man cave d├ęcor, anyone? Enjoy Fast Shipping and Delivery with BroBasket Want to give him the surprise of their life? Let us deliver your Mighty Mule basket for you. We deliver your gift straight to their door Monday through Friday. Holidays aren’t included. Mule Gift Baskets That Make Perfect Sense Grey Goose gift sets can make it all better when the weather’s bad or your guy’s feeling sad. Men are simple, but they do have taste. Now you can impress him and show off what you know. Whip out some mule recipes for a fancy finish and watch the smile slowly spread across his face. Think he’s not happy? Think again. When you walk out of the room, he’s going to call his guys and show off the best gift ever. And don’t think he’s not taking notes. He’ll be asking where you ordered it for one of his friends or a special occasion. Now, watch the door because the guys are coming over, and it’s totally worth it. It’s going to be one mule of a night!

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