The Juniper Trio Gin Sampler



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The Juniper Trio – St George Gin Gift A Gin Gift Set That Isn’t Just For Old Men Remember when you were younger and the only people you knew who drank gin were grandma and grandpa? Well guess what, that’s all changed. Not only is it a drink that we now drink, it’s a drink that we now love-and that’s mostly thanks to St. George Spirits. To give every guy a taste of the best gin we know, we put together The Juniper Trio Gin Sampler-a killer BroBasket that includes three varieties of St. Georges Spirits gin. What makes St. George’s gin so special? We could keep it a secret and let you figure it out for yourself, but since we’re nice guys we’ll fill you in on it now-it’s the fact that they have been able to infuse flavors into their gin that we’ve never tasted before. The Gin Sampler That Will Turn Him into a Gin Lover Featuring one bottle of Botanivore Gin, one bottle of Terroir Gin, and one bottle of Dry Rye Gin, this St. George gin sampler is sure to turn any guy into a serious gin fan. He can make a martini, he can mix up a gin and tonic, or he can go old school with a gimlet or a Tom Collins. With this BroBasket he can blend a variety of different cocktails or make many versions of whatever gin drink he likes best. And though the gin is obviously the best part of this gift, we’ve also included a package of Brookside chocolate fruit flavored snacks, three bags of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn, and a reusable black BroBasket vase that he can use to hold everything from snacks to phone chargers to loose change or keys. We have just one suggestion-be there when he opens it so you can get a taste of St. Georges for yourself .

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