The Fancy Junior Executive



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Wine and Cigars = The Perfect Pairing Forget wine and cheese…you know what pairs best with a bottle of red? Cigars. And chocolate. So you can already see where we’re going with this BroBasket. The Fancy Junior Executive is packed with a few of our favorites-a bottle of pinot noir from California’s Ojai Vineyard, a premium cigar, and a Ghirardelli chocolate bar to satisfy his sweet tooth and enhance the flavors of the wine. It’s got everything he needs to relax at the end of the day or celebrate after closing that big deal. Plus, it’s all packed inside a reusable BroBasket tin that he can use later as a catchall for coins and keys, phone plugs and chargers, or those mini bottles of booze he likes to stash in his desk drawer. Make it the Ultimate Cigar Gift Basket This pinot noir gift basket includes more than just things he can eat, drink, and smoke. We made sure we included some extras he can keep forever, such as a 13oz wine glass, a wine bottle opener, a cigar cutter, and a BroBasket coaster. But if you’re looking to impress him beyond belief, we’ve got lots of extras you can use to enhance your gift. You can include multiple cigars, a cigar lighter, whiskey stones, playing cards, and you can swap out the pinot noir for a different variety of Ojai wine or a bottle from another vineyard. Mr. Fancy Pants Will Love It If you’re looking for a gift for the junior executive who’s trying to climb the corporate ladder, this BroBasket does the trick. And with so many sophisticated options included, you can even ship it to his office. If he’s working on becoming Mr. Sophisticated, we’re pretty sure he’d rather open this in front of his boss and coworkers than a bucket full of football gear and beer. (Those gifts are better off shipped to his home).

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