The Chef’s Garden Spinach, Gifts by Harry & David



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Working with a favorable microclimate and rich soil, the experts at The Chef’s Garden feel confident that they grow some of the finest spinach in the world. While they grow multiple cultivars, they tend to favor older varieties that yield an array of textures from young and flat-leaved to mature and bumpy. Your spinach can be wilted and used in a number of delicious dishes or served as the base for a wholesome and flavorful salad. The Chef’s Garden is a family-owned regenerative farm located in Huron, Ohio, along the shores of Lake Erie. Generations of the Jones family have farmed the land for decades, and for the past 40 years have provided top-quality produce to the world’s finest chefs and their restaurants all over the world. Their mission is to “grow exceptional vegetables, care for each other and the land, and inspire a vegetable-forward future.” | The Chef’s Garden Spinach, Gifts by Harry & David