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The Ultimate Beer Gift Baskets: Jack Daniels and Bud Light Basket Beer and Booze-What Guy Wouldn’t Want That? The cool metal tub, the unbreakable bottles of beer… there’s nothing that says “party!” quite like this BroBasket filled with authentic beers and a bottle of Jack. Trust us-guys don’t want the same old boring gifts anymore. We all have enough shirts, wallets, and ties! We also don’t want a gift card that shows you put absolutely no thought into our gift. But get us some booze and feel the magic work. Enjoy the Boilermaker Bud Light Gifts Drink Set Ten bottles of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels? That’s right. This is what comes with our Bud Light gift baskets. The Boilermaker Beer and Whiskey Gift Basket is the ultimate BroBasket for the guy who loves the original bomb shot/beer cocktail. Packed into a large metal tub that you can use later for pool parties, beach parties, graduation parties, and Sunday fun days watching the game, the Bud Light gift basket delivers exactly what the occasion calls for. This uniquely designed and sorted gift basket includes five aluminum Bud Light bottles, five aluminum Budweiser bottles, a bottle of Jack, a bottle opener, a shot glass, and a pint glass to drink it in. We like to make it fancy even if the opener is not needed. You never know who it may save at the party. What Exactly Is a Boilermaker? In a nutshell, a boilermaker is a classic cocktail that’s a mixture of beer and whiskey in proportional amounts. In our case, it’s a Jack Daniels and Bud Light combo, where a shot of whiskey is mixed into a half-filled pint glass of beer. Making it is simple. You can drop the whiskey shot into the pint of beer and chug it. Or you can just take the shot of whiskey and follow it with sips of beer. The destination is the same! If he’s a Bud fan, he’d probably be happy with a classic Bud Light gift set or a simple case of beer, but this one is just so much better. This is the kind of drink that can help him relax quickly after a long day and enjoy the remainder of the evening. It’s all about the beer taste but with the punch of a classic cocktail. You know the golden rule: don’t drink on an empty stomach. Our Brobasket will make sure he drinks in style and never breaks that rule. A Party Delivered to Your Door What better way to do this than get a Boilermaker Gift Basket customized with tasty snacks and other accessories? In addition to the beers, whiskey, and pint glass, we’ve included a fancy bottle opener, two koozies, and two cones of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn in our beer gift baskets, so he’s got something in his gut when he starts downing all that booze. Curate the perfect gifts today and customize your BroBasket however your man likes. Our fast delivery service is open Monday through Friday, except holidays, to ensure your beer gifts arrive on time-every day, any day! – Back to the Top –

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