Thank You Gift Bundle by Cheryl’s Cookies



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Gratitude does the heart good, so show your appreciation by sharing a three-box bundle of tasty treats. There are three types of snack-size cookies, a chocolate-covered pretzel, and confection pretzel clusters, plus full-size buttercream-frosted cookies in four fabulous flavors: lemon burst, orange citrus, key lime white chocolate, and white flower cutout. A “Thank You” tag adds a sweet finishing touch. 15 pieces | 4 Confection Pretzel Clusters2 Snack Size Chocolate Chip Cookies2 Snack Size Buttercream-Frosted Cutout Cookies2 Snack Size Chocolate Obsession Cookies1 Buttercream-Frosted Flower Cutout Cookie1 Buttercream-Frosted Lemon Burst Cookie1 Buttercream-Frosted Orange Citrus Cookie1 Buttercream-Frosted Key Lime White Chocolate Cookie1 Large Chocolate-Covered PretzelBundle- 5 ½ x 3 ¾ x 7 | Thank You Gift Bundle by Cheryl’s Cookies