Star Succulents, Flowers by Harry & David



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A wooden, star-shaped container holds a sophisticated planting of succulents, creating a lovely centerpiece for your home or a perfect gift for a far away friend. Succulents, with their exotic shapes and unexpected colors, are very easy to care for, rewarding minimum effort with beauty all year long. The simple, rustic planter adds warmth to any room. Note: All succulents arrive with decorative moss to protect the plants, which should be removed before watering. Succulents need to be watered thoroughly upon arrival and may take 1-2 days to recover from shipping. Succulents grow over time. For the best results and healthiest plants, refer to the care instructions included. | Approx. 15 pre-planted assorted succulentsRustic redwood tray, 17 in Dia x 4.25 in H (43.1 cm x 10.7 cm)Net Weight: 4 lb | Star Succulents, Flowers by Harry & David