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The Ultimate Rum and Coke Gift Basket for Him Rum and coke beverages are classic drink options that have long been popular among seasoned alcohol lovers and newbies alike. They’re for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some purists may tend to turn their nose up at the very thought of mixing rum, bourbon, whiskey, or other similar alcohol with soda. But at BroBasket, we know how good the mix can turn out. With our gift baskets in hand and a range of options, we’re all about giving that special man in your life exactly what he likes and wants. The rum and Coke is a tried and true favorite, and we think it’s perfect with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. But if there’s another rum he prefers, don’t worry-you can customize this BroBasket with various flavors from Dos Maderas, CI, or Sailor Jerry. Whether your guy would love a Captain Morgan gift set or some other mix created by our flavor experts, we have options for you! Captain Morgan Rum Gift Baskets for Any Occasion It’s not a rum and Coke unless you’ve got some coke and glass to mix it in, so we’ve included two cans of Coca-Cola and a BroBasket tumbler glass. If, for some crazy reason, he prefers diet soda and has a healthy obsession with counting calories and watching his sugar intake, we have a gift box option for your guy. You can turn this into a diet coke and Captain Morgan gift basket. Or add in several other mixes to appeal to his preferred taste and show him you really know him and how to shop for the perfect gifts. Besides giving him a great drinking experience, we know the way to a man’s heart is his stomach, so we want to help you feed him. We’ve included a KitKat bar and a pack of Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates that you can add to any gift basket or gift box you purchase. It is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach, so don’t ruin the perfect gift basket by letting him go hungry. Include one of our tasty snack gifts and make his rum and Coke experience one he will always remember. This Captain Morgan Gift Set Gets the Party Started With a couple of Captain Morgan and cokes during a pre-gaming session, you’ll definitely be ready for a night out celebrating with friends or your significant other. With two cans of Coke, you’ll get at least four mixed boozy drinks out of this Captain Morgan rum gift. And unless he likes a really heavy pour, there will still be boozy goodness left for the next day or the late-night after-party. Check out our gift basket options and get your special guy an alcohol gift set that is right for him and his unique and exquisite taste! You cannot go wrong with these gifts, so show your man some love and order yours now! – Back to the Top –

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