Gourmet Chocolate Lovers #1 Brownie Ganache Bakery Collection Filled with: Chocolate Bundts, Chocolate Brownies, Chocolate Whoopee Pies, Assorted Rugelach, great gourmet gift basket!

SENDING A GIFT BASKET FROM DULCET IS A WONDERFULLY WARM GESTURE - AND THE BEST CHOICE YOU CAN MAKE! Suitable and appreciated by all ages, everyone on your list is sure to be thrilled to receive a gift package like this one. CHOCOLATE WHOOPEE PIES: heavenly chocolatey rounds, filled with silky white cream; it's velvety, so pretty, and great-tasting! Made with whole eggs and pure vanilla. WALNUT BROWNIE: The essence of perfection, a traditional chewy brownie combined with freshly ground walnuts, so good! CHOCOLATE BROWNIES: Our brownies are ultra-thick & fudgy. Deliciously rich and moist, they provide both a gooey and crisp brownie-eating adventure. A cocoa-chocolatey-brownie heavenly creation! CHOCOLATE CHIP BLONDES: The essence of chocolate chip perfection! An old classic, made with delicious chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. An unbelievable rich look, flavor and taste! CHOCOLATE CHEESE BROWNIE: Our brownies are an amazing blend of rich brownie and perfectly creamy cheesecake. It's layered with a cream cheese filling and then marbled to create layers and swirls of cheesecake within the brownie. Prettiest and tastiest dessert of all time! ASSORTED RUGELACH: Our rugelach will warm the heart of every taster! A satiny soft dough wraps around an assortment of fillings: cinnamon, chocolate chip, raspberry and apricot. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - OUR TOP PRIORITY! Each package that leaves our store is self-designed and hand-packed. We have secured a relationship and deep trust with our customers like no others! Go ahead, click the "add to cart" button now, and join our thousands of satisfied customers!


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