Man Chow Tool Box – Toolbox Shaped Gift Box for Men Filled with 24oz of Delicious Man Chow – Man Crates



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He works hard. And after a tiring day spent repairing the washer, repairing the dryer, and re-pairing the socks he finds in each, he’ll need a different set of tools to put a calorie-infused clamp on his hunger. To make Man Chow, we hand-coated salted pretzels, ginger spiced cookies, and crispy cereal bits in melted milk chocolate and gourmet, speculoos cookie batter. Then we coated it again in a generous helping of powdered sugar…twice. Give him the only tool he’ll need to fix his hunger pangs with a full helping of sweetly satisfying Man Chow. Snack Time Sidebar: Speculoos is a delicious, shortcrust biscuit that’s huge in the Netherlands, the home of wooden shoes, towering windmills, and killer cookies. The metal tool box can hold actual tools once it’s empty of Man Chow, which on average, is about ten seconds after opening.

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