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Luck of the Irish Whiskey Sampler Gift Basket The Ultimate Irish Whiskey Gift Set Do you know what makes the Irish so lucky? The fact is that they have some of the world’s oldest whiskey distilleries in their backyard. But, of course, “oldest” doesn’t mean “unproductive.” In fact, it’s the opposite. According to market research, the Irish whiskey market was valued at about $4 billion in 2019 and is projected to rise to $7 billion by 2021. This shows that people all over the world love Irish whiskey and are not willing to stop. For this reason, a gift box with a bottle of Irish whiskey will always make a perfect gift for him. So to showcase the flavors of Ireland and impress your giftee, we’ve put together the Luck of the Irish Whiskey Sampler in a BroBasket of snacks, extras, and-of course-booze. The gift box includes: Two bottles of Bushmills: Ireland’s oldest whiskey Two bottles of Jameson: an all-time favorite Two bottles of Tullamore Dew: a lesser-known whiskey that simply cannot be ignored The contents of the sampler set, or the Bushmills, Jameson, and Tullamore Dew gift set, are packed in a reusable BroBasket tin, so he’s got something to hold onto after the bottles have disappeared. Call it creating an unforgettable moment! Sample a Few, Pick Your Favorite Maybe he’s a beer guy. Maybe he’s a vodka guy. Maybe he’s a whiskey guy that sticks to the one brand he knows and loves. Or maybe he just needs to loosen up and try some of the hard liquors we have around. Whatever the case, our Irish whiskey sampler is designed to help him expand his mind, broaden his horizons, and enjoy with family and friends. Some guys need that from time to time. With three different varieties to sample in our gift box, he can taste some of the best Irish whiskeys around-and he won’t have to fly to Dublin to do it (though that’s always a fun trip). Customize Your Tullamore Dew Gift Set Our gift box selections are handpicked, and the gift box like this Tullamore Dew gift set is put together in a presentable manner that will impress anyone who receives it. All you need to do is make your order and leave the rest to us. If you need to customize your basket further-maybe by adding a drink you know he likes, we give you the power to do so. As always, it’s your recipient who matters the most, and we endeavor to make the magic happen with our gift box. The Gift to Beat All Other Irish Whiskey Gifts Because our BroBaskets are never complete until we’ve added in some extras. This whiskey gift set includes a BroBasket tumbler, two bags of Snyder’s pretzels, and two Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn cones. Just in case he isn’t a traditional whiskey drinker, we’ve added a can of Coke for mixing, chasing, or curing that hangover the next day. We want your recipient to have a great moment, and a great moment is created when you have just what they want. A gift basket with different types of booze, tumblers, and snacks sounds just right. He’ll feel lucky, for sure. Order a BroBasket today and enjoy fast shipping. – Back to the Top –

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