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The Irish Coffee Gift Set – a Jameson, Kahlua, Baileys Gift Basket The BEST Irish Coffee Gift Basket Coffee is the thing that gets us through our morning hangovers-especially when it includes whiskey, liqueur, and spiked Irish cream. So if you want to impress the Irish coffee lover in your life, the Irish Coffee Gift Basket is the BroBasket for you. Packed in a reusable container (because we always keep it classy), this gift set includes Jameson Irish whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, Dudes Coffee, and Caribbean Coffee. It’s got everything he needs to brew an excellent boozy coffee drink to kick off his morning or top off dinner at the end of a long day. What better way to make his day better, whether it’s his birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just a present to show you care. The Irish Coffee Gift Basket That Keeps on Giving There are lots of ways to make and enjoy Irish coffee. Some guys prefer Kahlua coffee liqueur. Some people like it with a spike of Jameson whiskey; some of us like Baileys Irish Cream. But since we set out to make this the perfect Irish coffee gift set and give people what they want, we’ve included all three drinks. We know a lot of casual coffee drinkers, but we also know lots of guys that like to have a little kick in their morning coffee, especially when they’re heading off to a dreaded day at work. So for those guys, we’ve included a BroBasket black travel mug to enjoy this spiked coffee with convenience. Hey, it’s nobody’s business what’s in there but his. A Kahlua Gift Basket with Some Kick Kahlua coffee liqueur has become a staple in any noted Irish coffee recipe. It is so versatile that he’ll have fun creating coffee-based drinks and cocktails. Baileys Irish Cream for Your Irish Coffee Who doesn’t love a Baileys bottle in their drinks and gifts? But if you feel the basket is too light on the Baileys, customize it with two or more. Consider this Baileys Gift Basket too. Jameson Irish Whiskey in the Basket Jameson Irish Whiskey and Irish coffee are practically inseparable, after all. Surprise your guy with this classic whiskey and let him drink it the way he likes. Custom Message to Complete This Great Gift We know you may want to send a special message to your loved one. That’s why we include a greeting card with your message to brighten their day even more. A BroBasket to Impress Everyone You Know Our Irish Coffee Gift Basket has the makings of a great gift set for a bro or a lucky winner. We’ve all been to those charity events where they raffle off gift baskets of coffee, liquor, beer, and lottery tickets. If you’re hosting a fundraising event and need an awesome coffee raffle basket, this is the one that everyone’s going to want to put some money on. Remember, we have a variety of other gift baskets that are customizable. Select from beers to liquors, and our dedicated staff will handle everything. We’ll ensure your gift arrives on time and in class. – Back to the Top –

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