Ice Cream And Cookies Gift Pack by Cheryl’s Cookies



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There’s nothing better than cookies and ice cream, and this gift box was designed to satisfy those cravings. Inside are twelve individually wrapped cookies in four irresistible varieties: buttercream-frosted cookie dough, chocolate mint, and cookies & cream as well as chocolate obsession. Each option pairs sweetly with one of the four delectable ice cream flavors also included. Rich mint cookie crunch and chocolate chunk ice creams are a chocolate lover’s dream, while cookies & cream and cupcake cookie dough ice creams are crowd-pleasing delights. Enjoy each treat separately or combine them to make scrumptious cookie ice cream sandwiches. 16 piecesExpress two-day shipping is included on this gift. Only standard shipping and processing charges will apply. Please note: To avoid weekend transit, orders placed after 11AM ET on Wednesday will ship on Monday of the following week. | 3 Buttercream-Frosted Cookie Dough Cookies3 Chocolate Obsession Cookies3 Buttercream-Frosted Chocolate Mint Cookies3 Buttercream-Frosted Cookies & Cream Cookies1 Mint Cookie Crunch Ice Cream Pint1 Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Pint1 Cupcake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Pint1 Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream PintBox- 9 ½ x 5 ½ x 4 | Ice Cream And Cookies Gift Pack by Cheryl’s Cookies