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This crate is the perfect gift for hot sauce lovers. The Hot and Spicy Crate contains a spicy jerky and a variety of hot sauce and is a great birthday gift for men, awesome anniversary gift for him, or the perfect just-because gift. Everything You Know is Wrong. Maybe you know spicy. Maybe you’re in the 1% of pilgrims that have actively sought out the most painful, deliciously masochistic foods to sample, but we’re betting you’re not. Smart money says this crate is going to put a welcome-to-the-NFL, Dick Butkus hit on your tongue. Proceed with caution. Only the Strong Will Survive. Some people just want to watch the world burn one tongue at a time, like the team over at Mad Dog 357 who specialize in delivering an unforgettable lesson in life-affirming pain. This fierce collection of hot sauces is an unforgettable intro to the delightful world of flavor-love through pain: Boomslang Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce-Toss out the Tabasco, This sauce combines the unforgiving bite of AfricaÍs most lethal snake with the relentless heat of the infamous Ghost Pepper. Great for concocting extremely dangerous homemade chili, tacos, and tuna salad. Mad Dog 357 Sriracha Reaper Sauce-Summon the savory pangs of sriracha at your next barbecue. This truly hot sauce will raise eyebrows and burst wide the floodgates of persistent perspiration. Add to eggs, pizza, or nachos for familiar sriracha flavor and uncontrollable eye-watering. Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost Hot Sauce-Deemed the Spectre of Spice, even the slightest drip of this extremely hot sauce will haunt tongues and imaginations for years to come. From tamales to tikka masala, a dab of this all-purpose sauce will raise the stakes and the average body temperature of any meal. The Peak of Heat. You’ve got to get into some deep psychiatry to uncover a reason why anyone would willfully snack on fire. And yet we do. Carnivore CandyÍs Volcanic Jalapeno Jerky is the highest peak, the temple on top of the mountain in the pilgrimage for pleasure through pain. We’ve also made the perils and delights of this journey easy to share. If people ask you why you’re crying, give ’em some Hot Headz Inferno Chips and Cornfero cinnamon ghost pepper popcorn. They’re not as intense as the sauces, but they pack enough punch to disperse the skeptics and silence the naysayers. It’s put up or shut up time. This crate separates the men from the boys faster than your tastebuds can fire an all-points-bulletin, full-volume S.O.S.

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