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Golfers’ Delight / Ultimate Golf Gift BasketGolfers frequently receive uninteresting presents like shirts or hats that they most likely already own and may even go unused. The same gifts-tees, golf balls, towels, caps, and so on-are typically included in gift baskets with a golf theme. Is there really no better gift for golfers than another personalized golf ball or something? Well, what do you know? We have something for golfers that is not just another set of golf balls or towels but far more superior than any of that here at BroBasket!For the guy who loves golf and dressing the part, teeing off, and realizing by the 4th tee that the only reason he got up so early was to enjoy a drink at the 19th hole, our Golfers’ Delight is the best among the golf gifts he would receive. Everything a golfer who drinks could possibly want is in this basket, plus more. There’s even a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch to get him to the 18th green without accidentally running someone over with his golf cart while brandishing his club like a saber.Unique Golf Gifts with Boozy TwistsOkay, it’s true that the typical golf enthusiast does require a few things. We made sure to include the necessities because forgetting to do so would make for a pretty terrible gift basket. These include 6 tees, 3 packs of CallowayTM balls, a tee holder, and a golf towel with a bag clip. The things you don’t expect, however, are what make the gift baskets so awesome: 3 Nicaraguan cigars, a cedar-lined cigar case, whiskey stones, glasses, a cigar cutter, and a triple-torch lighter. You can even change your selection and pick a beverage that he would like more, such as a Patron Silver Tequila, a Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, a Hennessy VS Cognac Brandy, or other alcoholic drink from our collection of liquors and spirits.In case you get peckish while playing golf, we’ve included a selection of snacks that you can tuck into your golf bag and eat when the novice in your foursome decides to practice his golf swing by chunking divots in the fairway. Your basket is sure to impress your recipient, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday gift exchange, or just because you think he’ll like cigars and whiskey.Not Your Typical Golf Gift Baskets Amateur golfers frequently believe that drinking while playing the game can improve their performance. It could happen, or it could not. However, we aren’t professionals in the game of golf, so we aren’t really concerned with what you do there (unless you’re in front of us and holding up our game, that is). But we do know what the ideal golf presents for the golf enthusiast in your life are. That is why our golf gift baskets include a variety of golf items, snacks, and liquor for your favorite golfer. He won’t be able to finish them all in one afternoon, but there will undoubtedly be a drink or two available when he celebrates his improvement in the game of golf. BroBasket for GolfersYou don’t have to stress about finding the perfect gift basket for your golf-loving friend or partner. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you design a gift basket that every golf enthusiast will adore.

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