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One cool gin gift setThis great gift basket set is for those GnT (that’s cool-speak for gin and tonic, ya square) lovers out there. These gifts feature one of the most iconic gin brands, the Bombay Sapphire Gin, which is the perfect gin for cocktails or a straight-up martini. For the mixer, we have Fever Tree, makers of the finest tonic around. Enjoy gourmet snacks, such as Popcornopolis popcorn and Ferrero Rocher chocolate hazelnut candies, with which you can munch on while enjoying an ice-cold GnT. It’s hard to imagine a more exciting gift!The best gin and tonic gift basketWell, we’ve looked around for other gin and tonic gifts, and to be honest, we didn’t really find any, so we guess this is the only real one. So by default, these are the best baskets since the others are not technically gin and tonic gift sets. They are missing one key ingredient: the gin! Do we expect people to receive a gift and then give them the chore of running around town like some big wig’s personal assistant just so they can make a gin and tonic? Nay, we say, good sir!Always gin cocktail readyYour typical gin lover might dwell in a dimly lit bar, drinking old-time cocktails out of unconventional drinkware. (Looking at you, Seven! Remember you served me a cocktail out of an old boot?) But the best gin gift sets are for gin lovers who love the botanical zing of the ubiquitous spirit and the effervescence of tonics.Gin lovers like you are always ready to grab a bottle of Bombay Sapphire to mix with some tonic and soda water, or a couple of martinis for the weekend VIPs. So what are you waiting for? Order a gin and tonic gift basket for the gin lover in your life, and let them know you have their back whenever they need to relax with a drink that’s straight-up refreshing.

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