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Patrón Tequila Gifts for the True Tequila Fan When it comes to tequila, Patrón is the boss-and that’s exactly why we named this BroBasket the El Jefe. The El Jefe Patrón Tequila Sampler is for the tequila connoisseur who loves Patrón any way you serve it-from margaritas to straight shots to Palomas to Bloody Marys. There’s a pretty good chance they’re going to crack open a bottle the second they’re finished unwrapping this gift. What’s in a Tequila? What makes a tequila shot so irresistible? Apart from its unique earthy, semi-sweet flavor, its intoxicating alcohol kick makes it a great drink to enjoy on many occasions. One shot can easily lead to another, so best be careful! Not Your Average Patron Gift Set: The Inclusions If they’re a real tequila man, they don’t want one of those simple tequila gifts that include a bottle of Cuervo and a shot glass. What they want is an assortment of Patrón and the extras they need to make themselves the perfect Patrón tequila cocktail on the spot. The Incredible Patrón Selection To please their superior taste, this BroBasket includes a bottle each of Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado, and Patrón Anejo. He’s sure to have a favorite among the three. But if he’s a diehard tequila fan he will drink them all. The Ultimate Drinking Starter Pack We’ve also included a mini salt shaker and two fresh limes. With a set of four shot glasses and four cones of Popcornopolis popcorn, it’s an instant party all wrapped in an excellent wooden crate. Aesthetically Pleasing Wooden Crate The reusable wood crate does not only hold Patrón tequila gifts. They can also use it to keep and organize all sorts of stuff when the liquor is gone. It’s a great souvenir for him to remember the fantastic gift set. Patrón Tequila Gifts for Any Occasion Gift your tequila lover with a tasty experience that will blow their minds. Whether you’re celebrating their birthday, greeting them a happy father’s day, or congratulating them on their new promotion, our Patrón tequila gifts make every occasion a whole lot better. It’s a perfect gift for the Patrón fan who hasn’t tried all three varieties yet-as well as the tequila fan who will drink any tequila you put in front of him (hey, we’re not judging). The Best Curated Patrón Gift Basket You Can Find With the incredible assortment of Patrón varieties, this BroBasket is a step above most other tequila gift sets you’ll find. We’re not saying everything out there is terrible, but why look when you’ve got us? We have thousands of satisfied clients, and we can assure your satisfaction too! Trust BroBasket to Deliver BroBasket is not your average gift vendor. We’re top of our class, and we ensure things remain so. This is why we try to exceed customer expectations and create memorable moments with our unique selections of Patrón tequila and beer gifts. Get Your Gifts Delivered Straight to Their Door Order your Patrón tequila gift set today and enjoy our fast shipping and delivery. We’re here to service your delivery requests Monday through Friday (except holidays). Choose From Other Tequila Selections When it comes to tequila, we never disappoint. We deliver a good package of three unique selections coupled with glasses, snacks, and other drinking accessories. We will also create a customized card with your special message.

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