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Take a bite of these delightful Easter Cake Pops and indulge in decadent flavors. Each cake pop in this dessert delivery is dipped into real Belgian chocolate and then carefully hand-decorated with piping, sprinkles, or confetti. Two cakes are decorated to look like darling chicks while one is dressed as an Easter bunny for an adorably festive presentation. | 10 chocolate-covered cake pops (8 oz):1 milk chocolate-covered decorated with pink drizzle2 dark chocolate-covered decorated with pastel non-pareils2 white chocolate-covered decorated with Easter sprinkles (1) or as an Easter bunny (1)2 pink-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated with yellow drizzle (1) or as an Easter egg (1)2 yellow-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated as Easter chicks1 green-tinted white chocolate-covered decorated as an Easter eggNet Weight: 8 oz | Easter Cake Pops, Cakes, Bakery by Harry & David

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