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The Ultimate Crown Royal Gift Basket Have you heard the song, Crown Royal? Ask Jill Scott about it. There’s a good reason it’s one of the most popular whiskey choices on the planet. If your guy has never heard of it, pull him out from under his rock and introduce him to a drink that will change his life. If you’re looking for a great gift for your guy that you can also enjoy, look no further than these Crown Royal Gift Baskets. Anybody will love to receive a smooth drink as a gift. So make your guy’s day with these all-in-one whiskey gift baskets. What’s in These Crown Royal Gift Baskets Sampler Bottles-Perfect as Gifts! In these Crown Royal Sampler Gift Baskets, you get not one, not two, but three 50ml bottles each of delicious flavors that mix really well. It’s a good drink anytime, anywhere, without being too heavy. Our ultimate Crown Royal Gift Set makes a great gift. But add in the snacks and everything else? It’s definitely a winner. The only problem is that there may not be enough to go around. Be warned. If you like the original Crown flavor, you’ll love this new variety. Crown Royal Apple consists of hand-selected whiskies infused with a generous amount of Regal Gala apples. Read reviews, and you’ll know it is whiskey goodness! Sweet Treats to Go With Your Drink You’re ready for an enjoyable time wherever you go with this package. Aside from the most popular Crown Royal whiskey flavors, it includes Popcornopolis gourmet flavored popcorn and Snyder’s pretzels. Who doesn’t want to munch while sipping on Crown Royal whiskey? Packed in a reusable tin, you can take it to any outing where BYOB (bring your own bottle) is required. After all, isn’t it more fun to have what you want than what you may have to settle for? The Best Gifts You Can Give Him We pride ourselves on having the best BroBasket selections around. We don’t skimp on anything because we know the experience is well worth it. We’ve packed these Crown Royal gift baskets with six individual bottles outfitted into a reusable BroBasket tin. Of course, we added our signature BroBasket rocks glass. What is he going to drink out of? Now he can have his personalized drink in seconds while everyone else looks on. Two bags of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn and two bags of Snyder’s Pretzels make it the pick of the week because you can’t drink and not have snacks, can you? If he’s a little tipsy in the morning from having so much fun, his snack gifts can help him out-that is, if there’s any left. Whether you like your whiskey straight or mixed, Crown Royal just tastes best with a chaser. Guess what? There’s a can of coke in there, too, to set things straight. Gift Your Guy His Favorite Whiskey Today Are you ready to wow your guy with the ultimate BroBasket that’s sure to put a big smile on his face? We thought so! Go ahead, add it to your cart, and press buy. Thank us later. Deliver Gifts Straight to Their Door If they love surprises, have their gift delivered straight to their doorstep. We offer delivery services Monday through Friday, except on holidays. The downside is you can’t see the look on their face once they open their amazing BroBasket gift! – Back to the Top –

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