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Give the Joy of a Craft Beer Gift Basket Unique craft beer gifts are hard to come by. There are only so many clever ways to buy a six-pack and present it to a beer lover. With a shiny red bow? Overdone. Hand-delivered while they’re in the shower? Cute, maybe. What’s the answer?A craft beer gift basket from The BroBasket. If you want to send a gift basket to a guy who loves beer and variety, look no further than our Craft Beer Sampler Bucket. It’s one of the best beer gift baskets we offer because it contains two things guys love: 1 – beer and 2 – options (unless we’re deciding on the restaurant to eat at, then we don’t want to choose). What’s in This BroBasket Beer Gift Basket Beer gift baskets are great for guys who love variety or are loyal to one brand or craft beer but may want to get out of their comfort zone. The Craft Beer Sampler is a great way to encourage him to broaden his horizons, and what better way than to taste some of the best beers that California breweries offer? It’s genius, we know! As far as beer gifts go, this craft beer basket is pretty much the whole package. Here’s what comes in our Sampler Beer Basket: six 12 oz craft beers from at least two California breweries, one cone of gourmet popcorn to snack on, a 16oz BroBasket pint glass, a beer koozie, and a bottle opener.. And it’s all packed inside a reusable metal pail that he can use the next time he wants to carry a few bottles to the beach. Just keep the pail by your side, otherwise people might think you brought beer to share. Everything comes cozied up inside a reusable metal pail that’s perfect for filling with ice and keeping the beers cold while looking like the coolest guy on the beach. California Breweries Just Make Better Beer Serious beer drinkers who have tasted craft beer from the Golden State will likely agree – there’s just something special about Cali beers that makes them the perfect gift to send to someone you love or admire. If sending a gift basket with a variety of brews sounds like a perfect beer gift to you, don’t hesitate and click “Add to Cart” ASAP! Beer Gift Ideas from The BroBasket If you’re trying to be creative with beer gifts and come up short, we’ve been there! That’s the “Why” behind The BroBasket and how we got started. Receiving a gift box filled with the best craft brew can turn anyone’s day around. When you think of gift baskets, beer may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there will always be that one person who can appreciate it more than you’ll know. If you’re feeling extra generous and fancy, get your beer delivered ice cold and ready to enjoy for an extra $19.95. Cheers! At BroBasket, we try to make shopping for beer baskets like the Craft Beer Sampler as convenient as possible. That’s why we offer same-day shipping for purchases made before 3 p.m. PST (Monday to Friday). We have several shipping and delivery options, including guaranteed overnight shipping. We’ve got you covered! Don’t believe us when we say Cali is the mecca of Craft Beer? Check this out! – Back to the Top –

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