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Lagunitas IPA California Beer Crate Gift Basket Got an IPA beer lover in your life? Stumped about how to show this guy how much he means to you? We’ve got the best answer: our Lagunitas IPA California beer crate gift basket! Give the Gift of a BroBasket IPA Gift Basket Any IPA lover would be thrilled at the thought of receiving an unexpected package, only to open it and discover their favorite IPA beer inside. It gives us the chills just thinking about it! At The BroBasket, we are experts in curating and crafting cool beer gifts for the important guys in your life. We offer the best IPAs money can buy, package them up with some manly finesse and essentials, and ship them off to your special someone. Send This Lagunitas IPA Beer Bucket for Instant Smiles Lagunitas is one of our all-time favorite microbrews, and its hoppy, tangy goodness has made a pretty serious cult following in the beer community. We love drinking Lagunitas beers with family and friends at any social gathering, event, or just to unwind at home. Most craft beer lovers and IPA aficionados agree that Lagunitas is one of the best IPA beers on the market. So, what’s in our Lagunitas beer crate? We’re glad you asked. Here’s what to expect when you purchase this craft beer bucket. Packed in a reusable metal pail, this IPA beer gift basket includes six Lagunitas IPA 12oz bottles, a bag of tasty gourmet popcorn (it’s best not to drink on an empty stomach!), a beer koozie, a BroBasket bottle opener, and one 16-ounce pint glass for those times your guy wants to class it up and drink from a glass instead of straight from the beer bottle. You can also send a custom greeting card confessing your undying love and admiration, free of charge! Upgrade Your IPA Beer Gift Basket Sounds like a pretty sweet beer gift, right? If you’re feeling fancy and want to upgrade your beer crate, we’ve got some awesome add-ons that will really knock this IPA beer gift out of the park. We can drop in extras including coasters, tasting glasses, or a couple of cigars, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving. If he isn’t a huge fan of Lagunitas, worry not. This microbrew gift basket can be filled with a variety of other IPAs and beers from Stone, Modern Times, and a few other kick-ass breweries. The options are basically endless! IPA Gift Baskets from The BroBasket If there’s one thing we know, it’s beer. We’ve been drinking it (responsibly) for years, and our BroBasket passion is creating customizable beer gifts for anyone who loves the stuff as much as we do. We take extra care when packing our baskets, so the bottles are secure, the extras are included, and the package shows up nice and fancy on your guy’s doorstep. Women may want flowers and jewelry (well, some women), but most guys would be thrilled to get IPA gifts in the mail. We may not always be the most expressive or the most punctual, but we know what we like . . . and we. like. beer! – Back to the Top –

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