Cookie Survival Kit by Cheryl’s Cookies



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Desperate times call for delicious measures, and this box of cookies is ready to make any day better. Arriving in a box featuring the words “Cookies to the Rescue” are buttercream-frosted flavors like chocolate sprinkle cutouts, vanilla cutouts, and triple chocolate. We’ve also included celebration chocolate chip cookies and large confection-covered pretzels to round out this assortment. 12 pieces. | 3 Buttercream-Frosted Chocolate Sprinkle Cutout Cookies3 Buttercream-Frosted Triple Chocolate Cookies2 Celebration Chocolate Chip Cookies2 Buttercream-Frosted Cutout Cookies2 Large Confection-Covered PretzelsBox – 9 ¾ x 6 5/8 x 2 7/8 | Cookie Survival Kit by Cheryl’s Cookies