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The Perfect Paring of California Wine and Coffee Go Ahead, Get Fancy Maybe you need to impress your boss. Maybe you need to close a deal. Maybe you just want to give him a box of things you love (and hope he’ll share). Either way, the California Wine Corporate Crate is built to impress any guy who loves red wine, coffee, and chocolate. And who doesn’t love all of that? The reusable BroBasket crate gives it a cool, rustic look, and it’s packed full of drinks and snacks to get him through a long day at work or a chill weekend at home. The Ultimate Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket So what’s in it? A 750ml bottle of California red wine is the focus of this BroBasket. The actual bottle varies from gift to gift, because we’re always trying new reds (hey, it’s part of our job) and finding new ones we love all the time. Two stemless wine glasses are included so he’s got somewhere to pour his pinot or cabernet. As for the snacks, we’ve chosen chocolate because it just goes so well with wine. But we couldn’t decide if we should include chocolate covered pretzels, almonds, cashews, or berries…so rather than make a decision, we just included them all. And because everyone needs caffeine, we’ve tossed in three bags of coffee and a BroBasket travel mug so he can take his java on the go. An Awesome California Wine Bottle Gift Because it’s just pure evil to give someone a bottle without a way to open it, this California wine gift basket also includes a wine key. He can crack open the bottle, pour a glass (or two, if you’re lucky) and munch on all those awesome chocolate covered snacks. From the coffee to the snacks to the wine, this BroBasket includes something to get him through every moment of the day. – Back to the Top –

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