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Bucket of Beer Gift Basket for Men Women Like Getting Flowers… Men Like Getting Beer Buckets When birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays roll around, it’s easy to know what gifts to get that special lady. A bouquet usually does the trick as long as they’re the kind she likes. Or you can look into jewelry, and you’ll nail it! But what about men? What should you send that special guy? Well, it can be mind-boggling. But the answer is so simple and obvious-an ice-cold metal pail filled with beer bottles! Is there anything better than a nice big ol’ bucket of suds on a hot day? Any day, really. Beer buckets are great gifts for any dude who loves a few drinks in their off time or just “one for the road” on a busy day. In this case, that’s about every guy out there. Introducing the Coors Light Gift Basket Our beer buckets are made for the guy who likes to drink, likes to party, and likes to be surprised. The Coors Light basket is a perfect example of that great gift. What? Do you think he will turn down a whole pail full of delicious, free beer? We bet not. Whether it’s for your buddy’s birthday, his next barbecue, his graduation party, or no other reason but to show him some love, our beer gifts loaded with bottles of ice-cold Coors Light will tickle his fancy for sure. He’ll mention it the next time you meet and probably the next after. We call it creating a memory with a perfect beer gift. Want to Really Impress Him? Ship It Cold A Coors Light basket gift is great no matter how you deliver it. But if you really want to impress him with a refreshing moment, ship the beer cold. That feeling of instant refreshment and gratification makes this gift ideal all summer. Of course, we don’t disappoint when ensuring the beer arrives as chilled as possible. Just because we always outdo ourselves, our metal buckets come with a bag of popcorn, a bar key bottle opener, and two beer koozies. We’ve also included a pint glass if he feels fancy and doesn’t want to drink straight from the bottle. The beer is obviously the star of this show. But we think he’ll be pretty stoked with the reusable metal pail too. Trust us! Our Coors Light beer basket always comes in handy at tailgating parties, house parties, pool parties, and backyard barbecues, among many other occasions. Customize These Beer Gift Baskets Just For Him If he’s not a fan of Coors Light, don’t worry. You can fully customize a beer gift basket to include a variety of other beers. We’ve got more than a dozen beer alternatives you can put into this beer bucket gift, from Stella Artois to Blue Moon, Guinness, Bud Light, and beyond. Want to spice up your gift? You can also add in an extra glass, some of our awesome BroBasket gear, an array of sweet and salty snacks, and other enhancements like cigars or playing cards. Top that off with a personalized greeting card that will remind him how awesome of a friend you are. Plus points if you make him shed a tear! Whatever he’s into, it’s safe to say you’re setting the standard by which he’ll judge all other gifts. Good thing you thought of it first. – Back to the Top –

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