Birthday Dessert Charcuterie Board by Cheryl’s Cookies



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Here’s a sweet way to add a touch of class to any birthday celebration. This dessert charcuterie board includes a wide assortment of treats to arrange into a tasty display. To start, there’s a variety of goodies featuring our famous buttercream frosting, such as birthday cake and chocolate cake cookies as well as birthday blondie bars-just to name a few. You’ll also find an array of snack-size cookies, rainbow gummy bears, and foil-wrapped chocolates to help fill in the gaps. Plus, everything arrives with a reusable board, so you can continue to make any birthday special with a charcuterie masterpiece. Board measures 15 x 7 x ¾. 29 pieces | 6 Foil-Wrapped Chocolates3 Snack Size Buttercream-Frosted Blue Cutout Cookies3 Snack Size Buttercream-Frosted Orange Cutout Cookies2 Buttercream-Frosted Birthday Cake Cookies2 Buttercream-Frosted Chocolate Cake Cookies2 Devil’s Food Chocolate Cookies2 Snack Size Chocolate Chip Cookies2 Snack Size Oatmeal Raisin Cookies2 Snack Size Chocolate Obsession Cookies2 Buttercream-Frosted Birthday Blondie Bars1 Buttercream-Frosted Key Lime White Chocolate Cookie1 Buttercream-Frosted Strawberry Sugar Cookie1 4oz Bag Rainbow Gummy BearsBoard- 15 x 7 x ¾ | Birthday Dessert Charcuterie Board by Cheryl’s Cookies