Belgian Chocolate Artisan Truffles, Sweets by Harry & David



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Let someone know you’re thinking of them with an impressive gift of artisan truffles. Two dozen Belgian chocolate truffles feature mouthwatering fillings like diced almonds and caramel, chocolate fudge, toffee, and more. Finished with elegant airbrushed decorations, these truffles are as beautiful as they are delicious. | 24 airbrushed chocolate truffles (11 oz):3 milk chocolate [2 coffee-filled, 1 diced almonds with caramel-filled]7 dark chocolate [1 caramel-filled, 1 toffee-filled, 1 coffee-filled, 4 diced almonds with caramel-filled]14 white chocolate [4 chocolate fudge-filled, 3 caramel-filled, 2 coffee-filled, 1 toffee-filled, 2 diced pecans with caramel-filled, 1 diced almonds with caramel-filled, 1 toffee with dark chocolate-filled]Net Weight: 11 oz | Belgian Chocolate Artisan Truffles, Sweets by Harry & David

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