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The Ammo Can Poker Set is a totally unique gift for men. Casino-style poker chips that come in authentic ammo can. A great birthday gift for men, awesome anniversary gift for him, or the perfect just-because gift. The river card misses, your hand is still just a four card straight and a four card flush- you’ve got nothing but a busted draw. It’s a three way hand with a lot of action- there’s only one way you’re winning that huge pot. It’s time to bluff, but even the best bluffers need a poker set worthy of such a daring gambit. Introducing the brand-new, ammo can poker set – the most functional and toughest 300-chip poker set ever designed, featuring custom artwork and custom cards in a .30 cal ammo can. We set out to build the most awesome poker set in the world–better than the thousands of briefcase-style poker sets out there. The top-loading, space efficient chip housing is perfectly fit to a .30 cal US military ammo can. This design is incredibly durable and provides easy access to the chips and cards without ever spilling them. Poker is dear to us- especially the short-handed, no-limit hold’em games where the only way to win is to bet and bluff aggressively. We wanted our set to be as beautiful as it is functional, so we set out to find artwork that would pay homage to the game and fit with the theme of the ammo case. We combined the sphinx from Greek mythology with classic card elements and US symbology to create our insignia- the mark of hyper-aggressive no-limit poker players. The sphinx forced travelers on the road to answer her riddles or be devoured- she embodies the poker player that forces her opponents to make difficult decisions, often for all of their chips. The arrows are drawn from the US seal, representing readiness for war on both fronts. There is no olive branch in poker.

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