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From California to the New York Island, this land was made for sampling meats. With the American Tour Jerky Crate, we’ve gone coast-to-coast assembling the most mouth-watering beef jerky this country has to offer. From savory Honey-Bourbon Brisket and Hawaiian Ahi Tuna recipes to seasoned strips of Cajun Alligator, this gift truly tastes like America. Deliver the gift of America’s best beef jerky right to his doorstep with the American Tour Jerky Crate. Includes: East Coasters will know how exciting it is that Old Bay seafood seasoning is now available on premium beef jerky. Everyone else is about to find.; Why use every part of the buffalo when you can make delicious, premium jerky out of only the most tender, juicy parts? Whiskey Hill’s Bison Jerky does just that.; A guy at Dave’s Meats and Nuts almost lost a leg in the Bayou to bring us this exclusive flavor of Cajun Alligator Jerky. Worth it.; You say “bite size” we say “right size.” These Buffalo Style Chicken Bites punch way above their weight class.; Field Trip knows that when it comes to choosing beef jerky seasonings, the best answer is “everything.”; With a right-off-the-grill taste, and a smoky-sweet flavor, Carnivore Candy’s Western Barbecue Bacon jerky has to be tasted to be believed.; The South knows their bourbon, and so does Dave’s Meats and Nuts. That’s how they knew it’d be the perfect marinade for premium buffalo jerky.; This sweet and spicy Ahi Tuna is made from premium, wild-caught tuna, that was snatched directly from the awaiting jaws of a Hawaiin grizzly bear. Probably.

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Man Crates


Man Crates