A Gin and Tonic Dream



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The Ultimate Gin and Tonic Gift Basket: Excellent Gifts for the Difficult Drinker in Your Life Most of us know someone, maybe a friend, family member, or co-worker, who seems to go overboard for their drinks. You know the type-the one that gives the bartender a full set of instructions every time he orders a martini. He’s the guy that never squanders an opportunity to mention that bar in London that makes the “best gimlets on earth” or the one place he had the best Bombay Sapphire. He always has a story to tell and almost wears the name ‘Gin Snob’ as a badge of honor. He doesn’t like our favorite hoppy IPAs and turns his nose up, literally, at the thought of a Bud Light. The guy, in other words, is a bit of a handful and annoying at times when it comes to his obsession with a good drink. So why do we hang out with him? Because he is fun to be around. And the boy loves his drinks and always knows what gin to recommend. Introducing the Ultimate Drink Basket If you’re looking for a gift to please the fancy pants in your life, you’re in luck. Our Gin and Tonic Dream gift basket is the BroBasket made to impress the most discerning drinker. No matter how picky he is or what he’s turned his nose up at in the past, you are sure to impress him with your prowess and insight with this gin gift set. Keep The Good Time Rolling With Bombay Sapphire Gin Gifts This gin and tonic gift set includes not one, not two, but five of our favorite types of gin, including the well-known Bombay Sapphire gin. Get him the Bombay Sapphire gin gift set that will have him consider any judgment placed on you in the past for your lack of alcohol prowess. You cannot go wrong with these gifts. Unwind with Hendrick’s Gin and More Packed into a reusable BroBasket crate, these carefully crafted gifts include one bottle of Bombay Sapphire, one bottle of Hendrick’s, and three varieties of St. George gins. It’s the ultimate gift for the guy who loves a gin and tonic, a Tom Collins, or a classic martini. We know he will want to open and sample every bottle starting with the Bombay Sapphire right then and there. Remember: it’s never a good idea to drink on an empty stomach, so we’ve also taken care of that! Popcorn and Chocolates to Top It All Off There are two Kind fruit and nut bars in each Bombay Sapphire gin gift box, two packs of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and three cones of Popcornopolis popcorn. If you’re going to give him this much booze, you’ve got to feed him and make sure he enjoys the experience as much as possible. And with a load out like this, it will be hard not to! Discover Distilled Spirits As You’ve Never Had Before This BroBasket is the perfect corporate gift for any social drinker and an ideal gift idea for casual drinkers who like to kick back and relax. These baskets are suitable for colleagues, potential clients, and new business partners. This gift basket is made for the guy who’s always ready to say cheers to a hard day’s work or a job well done. Order your Bombay Sapphire basket today!

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