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Father's Day Man Crates Exotic Meats Gift Box

Kudosz Gift Baskets presents – LEAN, MEAN, GLOBAL CUISINE. The Exotic Meats Crate is jerky like he’s never seen or tasted — the perfect gift for any guy who enjoys taking his taste buds to the next level. With animals from three different continents (10 exotic jerky meats in total), this crate will give him a first-class ticket to explore the greatest meat flavors the globe has to offer. THE MOST INTERESTING MEAT IN THE WORLD. Includes 6 sensational types of jerky: Biltong Beef, Buffalo, Venison, Elk, Wild Board Honey Bourbon and Cracked Black Pepper Alligator. Plus, 4 types of delicious jerky sticks: Pheasant, Duck, Ostrich and Alligator. AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE. Your “Exotic Meats Crate” collection comes sealed in a wooden 9″ x 9″ Man Crate, so you’ll both get a laugh as he figures out how to crack open his gift with the included crowbar. Fun fact: it takes the average Man Crate customer 15 minutes to open their gift. Beat that …

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