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Dulcet Chocolate Lovers Brownie Collection Gift Basket

Kudosz Gift Baskets presents – This Gourmet Chocolate Lover”s #1 Brownie Ganache Bakery Gift Basket is something of a fairytale. Where all is Chocolate, Rich Chocolate, Dark Brown Belgian Chocolate. So Decadent and Rich. So unbelievably Delicious. Sooo fairy, so whimsical. Well, Dulcet swayed the magic wand. It’s reality. This Brownie Sampler Gift Basket Gourmet features 2 triple Chocolate Lava Mini Bundts, 2 Chocolate Whoopie Pies with the Perfect hint of whip in between, 4 Fudgy Rich Brownies, 4 walnut brownies with those crunchy nuts on top, Impeccably Perfect like nothing you have ever tasted before, and 18 chocolate rugelach, all individually wrapped. This Gourmet Chocolate Lovers #1 Ganache Gift Basket collection is here to make you feel what fairy is…in real. You must admit it’s simply enchanting! Arrives in Our Signature Box Wrapped with care …

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