Chipotle ‘BBQ Lovers Pail’ Gift Card Basket Giveaway

Chipotle Card & BBQ Lovers Pail Gift Basket Giveaway

Chance to Win a Chipotle $200 Gift Card & BBQ Lovers Pail Gift Basket!

Giveaway Ends August 8, 2021
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Kudosz Gift Baskets presents — BBQ Lovers Pail Gift Basket. There’s a line that separates the true grill masters from the amateurs. Our BBQ Lover’s Pail is only for the true grill master. We’ve included some tried and true ingredients to deliver the optimum flavors in BBQ as well as a few tasty treats for the master to gnaw on while he’s working his magic! Also includes a Chipotle $200 Gift Card!

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By Joe Kudosz

Shopkeeper, Kudosz Gift Baskets